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11 Best Small Coffee Makers (2024 Top Picks)

The coffee maker has become a staple in homes and offices alike, with various models catering to different preferences and needs. Among the vast array of options, small coffee makers have carved out a niche catering to individuals with limited space who still crave that perfect brew.

While they may be small in stature, the best small coffee makers do not compromise on quality. They often offer the same features found in their larger counterparts, such as programmable settings, different brew strengths, and even built-in grinders for the freshest taste.

However, with so many models on the market, it becomes crucial to consider key aspects such as brew time, ease of cleaning, durability, and the type of coffee they produce, whether it be drip, espresso, or other specialty choices.

11 small coffee makers

Best Small Coffee Makers

In our search for the top compact coffee makers, we’ve focused on models that excel in both performance and space efficiency. Our selection caters to those who appreciate a great cup of coffee but are constrained by limited countertop real estate.

We’ve meticulously tested and reviewed each product to ensure our recommendations meet your brewing needs without crowding your kitchen. Enjoy our curated list of small coffee makers that promise to deliver full-flavored coffee, cup after cup.

1. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

We find the Keurig K-Slim to be a no-fuss solution for our quick coffee cravings without hogging counter space.


  • Space-efficient design easily fits on crowded countertops
  • Multistream Technology ensures flavorful cups of coffee
  • The 46 oz. water reservoir allows brewing several cups before refill


  • Limited to K-Cup pods, reducing variety compared to ground coffee machines
  • Higher cost per cup compared to traditional drip machines
  • Plastic construction may raise durability concerns

When we sampled the Keurig K-Slim, the slim profile was immediately a welcome feature, fitting snugly in a cozy corner of our kitchen. The convenience of popping in a K-Cup and pressing a button to brew a fresh mug is unmatched on hectic mornings. With Multistream Technology, each sip we took was vibrant with flavor, something we truly relish.

Conversely, we’re mindful of the restrictions to using Keurig-branded or compatible pods. This system contrasts with the diversity of choice you’d have with a machine that uses ground coffee. Nonetheless, the K-Slim more than compensates with its ease of use.

With its 46 oz. reservoir, we brewed multiple cups without needing to refill, which was quite convenient during a busy gathering at home. Although after repeated use, we began to yearn for more sustainable options, given the environmental impact of single-use pods. However, for small offices or apartments, we find its advantages to heavily outweigh its limitations.

2. Famiworths Coffee Wizard

If you’re in search of versatility and convenience in one compact package for your daily coffee ritual, Famiworths coffee maker is your go-to option.


  • Flexibility to brew both hot and iced coffee as well as use K Cups or ground coffee.
  • Features a sizable water reservoir for less frequent refills.
  • Speedy brew time clocks in at just 90 seconds for a quick caffeine fix.


  • Limited capacity may require more frequent brewing for high-volume users.
  • Some users report a challenge with the hinged cap on the ground coffee dispenser.
  • Consistent cleaning is necessary to maintain optimal performance.

Our mornings often start with a hot, strong cup of java made by the Famiworths Coffee Wizard. We’re particularly fond of its “over ice” feature, as it makes a robust cup that doesn’t water down as the ice melts. Just yesterday, we brewed a 10 oz cup on strong setting and cherished every sip. The taste was intense, flavorful, and it surely hit the spot.

We’ve found the memory function to be quite handy, as it recalls our last selection. There’s no fumbling around in the morning; it’s just a seamless, automated process to get our preferred size every time we power up the machine. Clean-up is relatively effortless too, given the clear instructions and a dishwasher-safe basket. Have guests over? Its multi-cup size feature means everyone gets their drink of choice without a long wait.

Despite its positives, we’ve had to refill the 30oz tank more frequently during busy workdays when our coffee demand is high. For us, it’s a minor hiccup in an otherwise delightful coffee-making experience. We recommend this for anyone with limited kitchen space seeking the flexibility of preparing both hot and cold beverages with ease. Keep in mind, sticking to the recommended maintenance will ensure its longevity and consistent brew quality.

3. Elite Gourmet Single-Serve Brewer

We highly recommend this coffee maker for anyone seeking a quick, eco-friendly brewing experience without surrendering flavor or quality.


  • Brews coffee notably fast, which is perfect for rushed mornings
  • Comes with a handy travel mug that snuggly fits in cup holders
  • Features a reusable filter, reducing waste and saving money


  • The reusable filter may result in weaker coffee if not used properly
  • The machine’s compact size means filling is more frequent for avid coffee drinkers
  • Some users report an initial plastic taste, though it usually diminishes after cleaning

Having our morning joe ready in a flash has been a game-changer, thanks to the Elite Gourmet Single-Serve Brewer. On days when we’re juggling too many tasks, we can still manage a hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee. Not to mention, the included travel mug is a solid companion for our commute.

Cleaning up with this little machine couldn’t be more straightforward. The filter is reusable, cutting down on waste, which is something we always strive for. Plus, no need for those extra trips to the garbage can.

We’ve made sure to properly rinse the machine before that first cup, guaranteeing that our coffee is free of any unwanted tastes. Just a bit of pre-use preparation serves us up a delicious cup each time.

4. Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew

We found the Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew to be the ideal companion for our small countertop, offering just the right amount of coffee for our morning routine.


  • Space-efficient design perfect for cozy kitchens
  • Grab-a-Cup Auto Pause feature lets us pour a cup mid-brew
  • User-friendly with an effortless clean-up process


  • Carafe lid design may challenge left-handed users
  • Maximum capacity suits only 1-2 people at a time
  • Short power cord might require an extension in some setups

Upon using the Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew, we were immediately taken by its compact stature, which meant saving valuable counter space without sacrificing the pleasure of our daily brew. Its simple interface ensured that our coffee-making process was straightforward and fuss-free, a welcome start to our busy mornings.

When we were in a rush, the Grab-a-Cup Auto Pause feature became our hero. It let us pour a steaming cup in the middle of brewing with no mess or fuss, allowing us to catch those last few minutes of our breakfast time without waiting for the full cycle to finish.

Cleaning up with this machine felt like a breeze. The Lift & Clean Filter Basket was particularly beneficial, ensuring we could swiftly dispose of used grounds and rinse out with no residue left behind.

However, we did notice that the carafe’s lid opens from left to right, which might be awkward for left-handed users as it’s optimized more for right-handed operation. Its 5-cup capacity perfectly suits our small household’s needs, but it might not be the best pick for those who entertain guests frequently. Another point to consider is the length of the power cord. We had to rearrange our countertop slightly to accommodate it, though an extension cord would do the trick just as well.

In our experience, the Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew strikes a perfect balance for those of us who appreciate a no-nonsense coffee maker that delivers quality without complication. It’s small, efficient, and just the thing for our daily java fix.

5. Krups Simply Brew Compact

After brewing a fresh pot with the Krups Simply Brew, we’re impressed with its straightforward functionality that perfectly serves a couple or a solo coffee drinker.


  • Efficient size for small spaces
  • Pause & serve feature for immediate coffee gratification
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance


  • Limited capacity if you’re entertaining guests
  • Filtration system may be delicate over long-term use
  • Auto warm function only lasts for one hour

Waking up to the rich aroma of coffee from the Krups Simply Brew has become a cherished morning ritual for us. Its petite stature takes up minimal counter space in our cozy kitchen. The convenience of grabbing a cup mid-brew without splashes or spills is a small but significant luxury during the early-morning rush.

The reusable coffee filter not only reduces waste but also makes the after-coffee cleanup a breeze. Tossing the carafe into the dishwasher saves precious time, so we can focus on enjoying our perfectly warmed cup of coffee. With each use, we appreciate the uncomplicated design that offers us everything we need and nothing we don’t.

Our small social gatherings, however, often leave us wishing for a little more capacity. While it’s a star performer for daily use, when we have friends over, a second round of brewing is usually in order. In the long term, the durability of the nylon filter will be something to keep an eye on, although it has held up well so far. Not being able to keep our brew warm for longer than an hour means we’re sometimes greeted with a lukewarm remainder, but this encourages us to only make what we’ll actually drink, reducing the wasted coffee.

6. Instant Solo Coffee Maker

We find the Instant Solo Coffee Maker to be a sleek, convenient appliance that provides a robust, flavorful cup of coffee quickly, perfect for our morning routine.


  • Customizable brew strength allows for tailored coffee experiences.
  • Conveniently handles both K-Cups and personal coffee grounds.
  • Fast brewing time is a real morning routine accelerator.


  • The beeping sounds might be intrusive for some users.
  • Limited to brewing single serve cups, not ideal for multiple coffee drinkers.
  • Could include a neater power cord management system.

Our morning just got brighter and more aromatic thanks to the Instant Solo Coffee Maker. This compact, efficient machine truly understands urgency without compromising on the quality of coffee. The ability to switch between K-Cups and our own blend using the reusable pod has made our kitchen counter the new best coffee spot. It’s as if we’ve brought an entire coffee shop’s expertise right into our home!

What we absolutely adore is the bold brew setting—just a touch of a button and we get that extra-strong kick to start the day. Plus, the peace of mind knowing we can fit our travel mug underneath and dash out the door with coffee in hand is unbeatable. It’s small wins like these that make a difference in our day.

However, we’ve found that the machine does make its presence known with beep alerts that, depending on the household’s morning ambiance, could be a tad disruptive. Moreover, for those times when friends are over, it’s a bit of a juggle since we can only brew one cup at a time. And while the coffee maker scores high in compactness, we think having a place to neatly tuck away the power cord would further streamline its design.

All said, for anyone looking for the solo coffee maker that combines convenience, speed, and quality, we’d say the Instant Solo Coffee Maker hits all the right buttons—quite literally.

7. Cuisinart Compact 5-Cup

Our kitchen just got a space-saving upgrade with the Cuisinart DCC-5570, and it’s proving to be a reliable daily brewer with a stylish edge.


  • Brew Pause feature lets us enjoy a cup without waiting for the full cycle.
  • Removable water reservoir simplifies the filling process.
  • Compact design frees up valuable counter space.


  • Warming plate shuts off after only 30 minutes.
  • Stainless carafe is not thermal, impacting heat retention.
  • Some users may miss the advanced features of bulkier brewers.

Our mornings have been transformed by the Cuisinart Compact 5-Cup’s easy setup. Filling the machine is a hassle-free experience thanks to the removable water reservoir, and the nylon filter means we’re not constantly buying disposables. We’ve particularly grown fond of the Brew Pause feature; it allows us to nab a quick cup during the brewing process when we’re too impatient to wait for the whole pot.

We’ve noticed that the coffee remains pleasantly warm for a while on the warming plate, which is great for leisurely sipping. Yet, if you’re the type to spread out coffee consumption over hours, the 30-minute auto shut-off on the warming plate might let you down. Still, its compact footprint is a blessing, making it a snug fit even in the tight corners of our kitchen counter.

Aesthetically, this Cuisinart model is quite the standout with its sleek stainless steel design. It’s been easy to match with other appliances, giving our coffee nook a unified and professional look. Though it might lack some of the bells and whistles of larger machines, we’ve found it to be the perfect size for small households or single coffee drinkers. The carafe feels durable, and unlike glass, there’s no fear of it shattering upon impact.

In our use, the Cuisinart Compact 5-Cup has proven that big things can indeed come in small packages. It brews a mean cup of coffee and looks good doing it, all without eating up our limited space.

8. Ihomekee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

We think the Ihomekee 12 Cup Coffee Maker fits perfectly for an avid coffee drinker who values both traditional drip and iced coffee at the push of a button.


  • Brews a large 12-cup pot, sufficient for a crowd or for a few who drink many cups
  • Iced coffee function adds versatility for those hot days when a chilled beverage is preferred
  • Intuitive touch panel makes it a breeze to select brew strength and set up reservation times


  • On occasion, the machine continues to heat even after being turned off
  • Some users might find the difference between regular and bold settings less pronounced
  • The lack of included instructions can leave you fumbling initially

The moment we took the Ihomekee out of the box, its sleek silver and black design caught our eye and promised an aesthetic addition to our kitchen countertop. Brewing a full carafe before an early meeting was impressively swift, and the aroma of coffee filled the office, setting a productive tone for the day.

Using the reservation function felt like having a personal barista waiting to start brewing at our programmed time. Plus, the carafe warming plate was a thoughtful touch, keeping our pot of coffee pleasantly warm as we sipped through our morning emails.

Despite the modern look and features, our experience wasn’t without hiccups. We once returned to a machine that was still heating after being turned off but writing it off as a rare glitch. The regular and bold settings didn’t contrast as much as we’d hoped, but the ability to brew directly over ice cubes for a refreshing iced coffee made up for it.

Overall, the Ihomekee 12 Cup Coffee Maker can potentially win hearts with its convenience. Its flaws are few and manageable, making it a worthy contender for those seeking a multipurpose coffee machine.

9. Mueller 12-Cup Coffee Maker

We recommend this Mueller Coffee Maker for its simplicity and efficient brewing, making it a delightful addition to any kitchen.


  • Brews up to 12 cups, perfect for larger households or gatherings
  • Includes a permanent, eco-friendly filter eliminating the need for disposable ones
  • Automatic shut-off feature adds safety and convenience


  • Glass carafe may be fragile and requires careful handling
  • Manual features may not appeal to those preferring programmable options
  • The size might be too bulky for very small kitchen spaces

Morning rituals have never been more straightforward since we started using this Mueller Coffee Maker. The ability to brew multiple cups at once saves us valuable time during busy mornings. It’s refreshing to pour a cup that maintains its temperature from the first to the last, thanks to the effective keep-warm function.

The reusable filter is a true money-saver and lessens the environmental impact. It’s simple to clean, adding to the ease of our post-coffee cleanup. Also, the crystal-clear water level window eliminates any guesswork when it comes to adding the right amount of water.

However, when we’re in a hurry, we need to handle the glass carafe with care to avoid any breakage. While we appreciate the simplicity of this machine, some of us miss the programmable features found in other coffee makers. Also, it’s worth noting that though it’s compact compared to larger machines, it might take up a bit more space if you have a particularly small countertop.

Still, at the end of the day, we’re quite content with this Mueller Coffee Maker. It brews a robust and flavorful pot of coffee and embodies a pure, no-fuss approach to coffee making that we’ve come to enjoy.

10. Capresso Mini Drip

We think this Capresso Mini Drip is an excellent choice for those who appreciate fresh, hot coffee without needing a full pot.


  • Compact size perfect for small spaces and personal use
  • Includes a reusable Goldtone filter, saving money on paper filters
  • Programmable feature allows for waking up to freshly brewed coffee


  • The 5-cup capacity might be limited for entertaining or large households
  • Potential for grounds overflowing if overfilled or incorrectly tamped
  • No advanced brewing techniques for coffee connoisseurs

Waking up to the aroma of coffee from the Capresso Mini Drip has streamlined our morning routine magnificently. Its compact build fits snugly on the kitchen counter, leaving ample space for other appliances.

The ease of setting up a brewing schedule the night before has us starting the day with a smile. The brew-through lid and ergonomic handle of the carafe make pouring effortless, preventing any unwelcome spills or drips.

We’ve enjoyed not only the economic aspect of the reusable Goldtone filter but also the environmental benefits it brings to the table. Cleaning is a breeze, and we’ve bid farewell to the annoying hunt for specific paper filter sizes.

However, the first time we tried to brew a robust pot, we discovered the importance of adhering to recommendations on coffee grind size and proper tamping. This machine teaches us patience and precision in our brewing practices.

The auto-shutoff feature gives us peace of mind, assuring us we won’t come home to a machine that’s been forgetfully left on. Two hours of keeping the coffee warm is usually more than enough.

Despite the 5-cup limit which might not cater to everyone’s needs, for our small household, this coffee maker hits all the right notes. It’s a practical, straightforward device that we’ve grown to rely on for our daily java fix.

11. Famiworths Versatile Brew

If you’re in need of a compact and versatile coffee maker, this model offers a delightful balance between functionality and convenience.


  • Brews both K-Cups and ground coffee, giving us versatility in coffee choice.
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it a perfect travel companion.
  • Brews a quick, hot cup of coffee, ideal for those rushed mornings.


  • Limited cup size options could be restrictive for some coffee lovers.
  • Small water reservoir requires frequent refilling.
  • Bold brew function might not cater to those preferring a milder taste.

When we brewed our morning coffee with the Famiworths Single Serve Coffee Maker, the first thing we noticed was how swiftly and silently it operated. The simplicity of pressing a button and getting a steaming cup in minutes was a real game changer for our hectic morning routine.

What set this device apart for us was its versatility. Whether we were in the mood for a classic ground coffee brew or a convenient K-Cup, this machine handled it all. It even accommodated our favorite travel mug, making it a breeze to dash out the door without spilling a drop.

Cleaning should always be easy, and thankfully, it was. We appreciated the descaling reminder because, let’s face it, who keeps track of that? With a couple of button presses, we were back to a clean machine, ready for the next use. The fuss-free experience with the Famiworths coffee maker surely brightened our daily coffee ritual.

Buying Guide

Assess Your Space

We need to consider our kitchen space when choosing a small coffee maker. Measure the area where you plan to place the machine to ensure a perfect fit.

Dimensions NeededWhy It Matters
WidthFor side-by-side placement
DepthFor front clearance
HeightFor under-cabinet spaces

Key Features to Consider

Next, we focus on the features that make a coffee maker stand out.

  • Capacity: How many cups can it brew at once?
  • Footprint: What is the counter space requirement?
  • Ease of Use: Look for intuitive controls and maintenance.
ProgrammableConvenient for setting up coffee in advance.
Auto Shut-OffSafety feature to prevent accidents.

Brew Quality

The taste of the coffee is crucial. We examine:

  • Temperature Control: Optimal brewing temperatures range from 195°F to 205°F.
  • Pressure: Good pressure is needed for espresso machines.

Durability and Materials

The build quality often dictates longevity. We seek out:

  • Material Quality: Stainless steel or BPA-free plastics are preferred.
  • Warranty: Length and coverage can indicate confidence in product durability.


Our environmental impact is important.

  • Energy Efficiency: Does it have an energy-saving mode?
  • Reusable Filters: Reduces waste compared to single-use pods.

Price Point

Finally, we consider our budget without compromising essential features.

Price RangeExpectations
LowBasic functions, lower durability
MidBalanced features, better materials
HighAdvanced features, high durability

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most common queries regarding the selection and usage of small coffee makers suitable for various spaces and needs.

What features should I look for in a small coffee maker with a built-in grinder?

When shopping for a small coffee maker with a built-in grinder, consider a conical burr grinder for uniform grinding and flavor extraction. Ensure that the machine allows you to adjust grind sizes and has settings for the number of cups you desire. We also recommend looking for features such as programmable settings and auto-shutoff for convenience.

Can you recommend a low-profile coffee maker for spaces with limited counter height?

The Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker is one of our top picks for low-profile coffee makers. It stands at only 10 inches tall and has a stainless steel carafe that’s ideal for tight spaces. Another great option is the Keurig K-Mini, which is less than 5 inches wide and fits neatly in confined areas.

For a small office, the Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker is an excellent choice, as it’s durable, easy to use, and brews quickly. If single-serve is preferred, the Keurig K-Elite offers a strong brew option and accommodates travel mugs. For offices valuing sustainability, the Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One Coffee Brewer is an energy-efficient model that also delivers high-quality coffee.