15 Stunning Boho Coastal Living Room Ideas for a Beachy Home

Imagine a breezy space where sun-kissed sands meet eclectic vibes. Boho coastal living rooms blend laid-back beach charm with quirky, artsy details. Think rattan furniture, woven rugs, and mismatched pillows, a perfect recipe for a serene, stylish oasis.

Why settle for ordinary? Seashells, driftwood, and soft pastels can transform your space into a coastal dreamland. Mix vintage finds with modern accents for an inviting atmosphere.

15 Stunning Boho Coastal Living Room Ideas For A Beachy Home

Ready to turn your living room into a seaside escape? Let’s dive in!

1. Coastal Boho Furniture Accents

1. Coastal Boho Furniture Accents-0

Imagine a driftwood coffee table, exuding rustic charm and coastal vibes. Pair it with rattan armchairs, and you’ve got texture galore! Driftwood is sturdy and full of character, while rattan adds lightness.

1. Coastal Boho Furniture Accents-1

These natural materials make any coastal living room feel like a serene seaside retreat.

1. Coastal Boho Furniture Accents-2

Need a budget-friendly tip? Repurpose driftwood found on beach trips and scout thrift shops for rattan pieces.

It’s eco-friendly and stylish! These elements bring nature indoors and offer a laid-back atmosphere that is both chic and comfortable. Perfect for creating that breezy boho look!

2. Seashell Macramé Wall Decor Ideas

2. Seashell Macramé Wall Decor Ideas-0

Imagine the charm of macramé wall hangings adorned with seashells. They bring a delightful touch of the beach to your living space. String some soft cotton ropes with colorful shells.

2. Seashell Macramé Wall Decor Ideas-1

Hang it prominently on your wall. It’s a conversation starter and a piece of art.

2. Seashell Macramé Wall Decor Ideas-2

It’s simple yet aesthetic. Just ensure the balance of shells so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Pair them with neutral tones or light-colored walls to emphasize their beauty.

The ocean-inspired decor not only offers a serene vibe but also signals your love for coastal aesthetics.

3. Coastal DIY Picture Frame Inspiration

3. Coastal DIY Picture Frame Inspiration-0

Spruce up your boho coastal living room with seashell and twine photo frames. Gather a variety of shells and sturdy twine from your local craft store.

Secure the twine around a simple wooden frame, then attach the shells. It’s a budget-friendly way to add texture and personal touch.

3. Coastal DIY Picture Frame Inspiration-1

Want to add more charm? Opt for driftwood frames instead of plain wood. They enhance the coastal vibe. You can even paint the shells in pastel colors for a modern take.

These DIY frames not only showcase cherished memories but also reflect your creativity and coastal passion.

4. Seaside Chic Color Scheme Ideas

4. Seaside Chic Color Scheme Ideas-0

Begin with a soft blue backdrop to evoke the tranquil ocean. Pair it with coral accents to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space. Think pillows, throws, and wall art.

4. Seaside Chic Color Scheme Ideas-1

How does that vibe? It’s calming yet vibrant, perfect for a relaxed living environment.

4. Seaside Chic Color Scheme Ideas-2

Accent furniture in driftwood tones complements this palette beautifully. A reclaimed wood coffee table or a rattan armchair adds texture. The key? Balance. Too much color can clash; too little can bore.

Aim for harmony, making your space a coastal haven that’s effortlessly stylish and inviting.

5. Boho Coastal Rug Styling Ideas

5. Boho Coastal Rug Styling Ideas-0

Handwoven jute rugs bring natural texture and warmth to a boho coastal living room. Layering them with vibrant, patterned textiles adds a burst of color and interest.

5. Boho Coastal Rug Styling Ideas-1

Try a Moroccan-inspired kilim over the jute for a stunning visual effect. This mix creates a cozy yet eclectic vibe that feels effortlessly stylish.

5. Boho Coastal Rug Styling Ideas-2

However, jute rugs can be a bit rough on bare feet and can shed initially. To mitigate this, consider using a rug pad underneath.

The layers can also serve as a quick transform-up option, allowing you to easily update your space with the seasons or trends.

6. Nautical Swing Chair Inspiration

6. Nautical Swing Chair Inspiration-0

Imagine lounging on a hanging swing chair, gently swaying while admiring the seaside views. These chairs, paired with nautical-themed cushions, bring both relaxation and style.

6. Nautical Swing Chair Inspiration-1

Opt for blues, whites, and stripes to accentuate the coastal vibe. Available in various materials, they add flair to any living room.

6. Nautical Swing Chair Inspiration-2

Swing chairs are not just for porches. They can be an indoor focal point too. The key is to choose sturdy fixtures and cushions that complement your space.

Perfect for reading corners, they add comfort and create a laid-back, beachy atmosphere. Why settle for traditional seating?

7. Terracotta Potted Indoor Plant Display

7. Terracotta Potted Indoor Plant Display-0

Indoor hanging plants in coastal terracotta pots add a fresh vibe to any room.

Picture Boston ferns or trailing ivy cascading from rustic pots, pure elegance! Their loving green blends perfectly with the earthy tones of terracotta, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

7. Terracotta Potted Indoor Plant Display-1

Ready to transform your space?

Consider macramé plant hangers to complete the beachy aesthetic. These handmade pieces aren’t just practical; they’re little touches of art.

7. Terracotta Potted Indoor Plant Display-2

Imagine how they’d look in front of airy white curtains or over a cozy armchair. Curious yet? Try one and see the instant uplift!

8. Coastal Chic Coffee Table Designs

8. Coastal Chic Coffee Table Designs-0

Imagine a coffee table crafted from aged wood, boasting inlays of smooth beach pebbles. Not only does it evoke the serenity of coastal living, but it’s also incredibly durable.

8. Coastal Chic Coffee Table Designs-1

Ponder the tactile pleasure of running your hand over those pebbles, reminiscent of a seaside stroll. It’s both functional and nostalgic.

8. Coastal Chic Coffee Table Designs-2

However, such tables can be heavy and difficult to move. And let’s be real, those inlays may trap dirt. Regular maintenance becomes essential. Despite these considerations, they add an irreplaceable charm that harmonizes perfectly with boho coastal decor.

9. Coastal Vibe with Oversized Glass

9. Coastal Vibe with Oversized Glass-0

Picture your living area adorned with oversized sea glass vases. These pieces effortlessly bring a breezy, coastal vibe to any space. Place them on the floor, shelves, or as table centerpieces.

9. Coastal Vibe with Oversized Glass-1

They shine, casting soft light reflections while adding charm. Want a rustic touch? Fill them with driftwood or seashells.

9. Coastal Vibe with Oversized Glass-2

10. Coastal Boho Shiplap Wall Decor

10. Coastal Boho Shiplap Wall Decor-0

Picture this: Whitewashed shiplap walls instantly lend a fresh, airy vibe to your living room. Pair them with woven baskets for texture and storage.

10. Coastal Boho Shiplap Wall Decor-1

It’s a solid way to bring in that sought-after coastal chic. Worries about clutter? The baskets double as perfect, stylish organizers.

10. Coastal Boho Shiplap Wall Decor-2

Wondering about maintenance? Although white walls can show dirt, a quick wipe-down keeps them pristine. For a bolder look, mix different basket patterns. It’s surprisingly simple and profoundly effective in achieving that boho-coastal aesthetic!

11. Coastal Decorative Ladder and Throws

11. Coastal Decorative Ladder and Throws-0

Start with a reclaimed wooden ladder for an authentic touch. Drape throws featuring nautical patterns and hues of blue and white. These elements evoke the serene feel of the shore.

Use baskets on the rungs to store seashells or driftwood, adding both function and charm.

11. Coastal Decorative Ladder and Throws-1

Consider incorporating materials such as jute or hemp. These natural fibers enhance the coastal aesthetic and bring the outside in.

Worn finishes on the ladder create a timeless, lived-in look, while textural throws invite warmth and relaxation. An easy, breezy vibe awaits!

12. Coastal Mirror Styling Inspiration

12. Coastal Mirror Styling Inspiration-0

Organic-shaped mirrors with driftwood frames can introduce a touch of natural elegance to coastal living spaces. Their freeform designs reflect the fluidity of the ocean, while driftwood frames evoke beachside walks.

12. Coastal Mirror Styling Inspiration-1

However, ensure to balance them with minimalist decor to prevent the room from feeling overly rustic.

12. Coastal Mirror Styling Inspiration-2

Think about pairing these mirrors with soft, neutral-colored furniture. This combination creates a breezy atmosphere, complementing the boho style. Just be mindful of properly securing heavier mirrors to avoid accidents.

The result? A living room that feels like a serene coastal retreat.

13. Beach Find Candle Holder Ideas

13. Beach Find Candle Holder Ideas-0

Imagine sleek candle holders fashioned from driftwood, sea glass, and shells. They bring a naturally aged, bohemian touch to your coastal living room. Upcycling beach finds mean each piece is one-of-a-kind.

13. Beach Find Candle Holder Ideas-1

It’s not just aesthetic though, you’re also keeping beach waste at bay, making eco-friendly decoration choices.

13. Beach Find Candle Holder Ideas-2

Ever been beachcombing? Those hidden treasures like sea-worn hardwood bits and weathered glass can be turned into masterpieces. Combine rustic textures with soft candlelight for a serene atmosphere.

It seamlessly nests into any boho coastal theme, blending nature’s raw beauty with cozy warmth.

14. Tasseled Hammock Retreats

14. Tasseled Hammock Retreats-0

Imagine swaying gently in a boho-chic hammock, adorned with soft tassels and delicate shells. It’s an effortless way to combine comfort and aesthetic appeal.

These hammocks not only add charm but also offer a serene space to unwind. Don’t forget to choose natural, sturdy materials for lasting enjoyment.

14. Tasseled Hammock Retreats-1

Why settle for a dull couch when you can bring beach vibes indoors? A well-chosen hammock with coastal accents can transform your living room. Think turquoise, cream, and beige hues.

It’s more than decor; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Feel the rhythm of the ocean from your own home.

15. Dreamcatcher Delights: Boho Coastal Edition

15. Dreamcatcher Delights: Boho Coastal Edition-0

Incorporating coastal dreamcatchers with feathers and beads can effortlessly elevate your boho-style living room. These whimsical wall hangings bridge the gap between boho chic and coastal vibes.

15. Dreamcatcher Delights: Boho Coastal Edition-1

Imagine soft feathers swaying in the breeze, creating a tranquil, beachy ambiance that resonates relaxation.

15. Dreamcatcher Delights: Boho Coastal Edition-2

However, not all dreamcatchers are created equal. Ensure they complement your room’s palette and decor. Opt for natural materials like driftwood, seashells, and pastel beads to keep the seaside essence alive.

Mix and match dreamcatchers of different sizes for a dynamic wall display that tells a story.


Blend nature’s calming hues with bohemian flair for a chic, relaxed living space. Picture rattan furniture paired with vibrant patterned cushions. Add woven baskets, driftwood decor, and soft throws to enhance the cozy vibe. Your peaceful haven awaits.

Ready for a serene sanctuary? Combine sandy whites, ocean blues, and cozy textures. Think macramé wall hangings, sea grass rugs, and plenty of greenery.

With these boho coastal ideas, your living room becomes a tranquil escape, where style meets comfort.

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