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9 Best Glitter Pens for Creative Sparkle in Your Projects

Glitter pens add a vibrant spark to any artistic project, whether it’s jazzing up a greeting card, elevating a scrapbook, or giving life to intricate coloring books. This type of pen is not just for craft enthusiasts; creative professionals and casual users alike appreciate the added flair that glitter ink can bring to the table.

The key distinguishing feature of these pens is the fine glitter suspended in the ink, which catches the light and creates a stunning, shimmery effect on the page.

When considering the purchase of glitter pens, it’s important to look at the ink quality, including its flow, color vibrancy, and drying time, to ensure a smudge-free and even application. Another crucial aspect is the range of colors available, as a broad spectrum allows for more creative freedom and expression.

The longevity of the pen and the consistency of the glitter distribution with each stroke are also significant factors to weigh. To prevent any allergic reactions or health concerns, especially for children, non-toxic and safe materials should be prioritized.

For those in search of the best glitter pens, our research has spanned several brands and varieties, focusing on factors such as ergonomic design for a comfortable grip, the precision of the nib, and the smoothness of ink delivery.

Top Glitter Pens for Shimmering Projects

In our search for the finest glitter pens, we’ve scoured the market to bring you a selection that combines vivid colors, smooth application, and that perfect sparkle to elevate your crafting, journaling, and artwork. Our curated list reflects our commitment to quality and reliability, showcasing only the pens that stand out for their exceptional performance and user satisfaction.

1. Linc Shine Glitter Pens

For crafting enthusiasts and note-takers who adore a bit of sparkle, these glitter pens are a delightful choice for adding shimmer to your writing.


  • The glitter in the ink adds a fun, sparkling touch to any project
  • The contoured grip is comfortable, making longer writing sessions easier on the fingers
  • A vivid assortment of colors fulfills various creative needs


  • The ink can flow too heavily if too much pressure is applied
  • They sometimes take a while to dry, so they may smudge if not handled with care
  • Based on some reviews, these pens may run out of ink more quickly than expected

Upon using the Linc Shine Glitter Gel Pens, we immediately noticed how the shimmering ink brings an extra dimension to greeting cards and journal entries. The medium point tip allows for lush, bold lines filled with color and sparkle synonymous with quality glitter gel pens. The joy of seeing your words dance across the page with a glint of glitter cannot be understated – it’s quite the visual treat.

While working on various surfaces, the comfort of the contoured grip became apparent, providing a tactile experience that didn’t tire our hands. The pens glided across the paper with relative ease, with the ink delivering consistent sparkle throughout our writing. This ergonomic design shows Linc’s attention to detail, acknowledging that comfort can significantly enhance the writing experience.

However, a degree of patience is required as the ink may need extra time to dry. In our use, resting a hand on the page too soon led to smudging, so we suggest working with care, perhaps starting from the top left and moving to the bottom right for right-handed artists or the opposite for left-handed individuals.

Our attentiveness to the ink’s drying time paid off with smudge-free, sparkling results. Despite the need for a gentle touch, the Linc Shine Glitter Gel Pens cater well to those of us who appreciate a lively pop of glitter in our stationery arsenal.

2. JR.WHITE Glitter Pens

Whether you’re decorating scrapbooks or jazzing up your coffee mugs, we think these pens add that perfect sparkle.


  • Vibrant range of colors that enhance any craft project
  • Safe, water-based ink suitable for all ages
  • Works on a multitude of surfaces, from paper to rocks


  • Some pens may arrive dry, requiring extra effort to start
  • On dark papers, colors tend to merge, losing distinctiveness
  • Possible ink flow issues leading to inconsistent application

Having recently used the JR.WHITE Glitter Metallic Paint Pens, we found the assortment of sparkling hues added a dash of pizzazz to our greeting cards and art projects. Their fine tips elegantly glide across paper, leaving behind a trail of shimmer without any smudging—a real plus for detailed work.

During our crafting session, we noted how these glitter markers are incredibly kid-friendly. Their non-toxic, water-based formula means we can involve the little ones without worry. Decorating with a gold or silver touch brought a professional look to even the simplest of our designs.

However, not every experience was flawless. We did encounter a couple of pens that struggled to dispense ink initially. Shaking and priming didn’t always do the trick straightaway. And while the colors pop on lighter materials, they seemed to blend into one another on darker surfaces, with less distinction than we’d hoped.

In any case, our overall experience with the JR.WHITE Glitter Pens was positive. Their versatility and vibrancy outweigh the few hiccups. If you need some sparkle in your craft life, these could be the pens to reach for.

3. GOTIDEAL Glitter Gel Pens

We believe these pens are a great pick for anyone who loves adding a bit of sparkle to their projects, thanks to their vibrant colors and smooth application.


  • Vibrant glitter colors enrich artwork
  • Smooth ink flow without smears or skips
  • Comfortable grip for prolonged use


  • Glitter may not be suitable for all projects
  • Limited to fine point type only
  • Potential issues with dried or damaged pens on arrival

When we took these pens for a test spin, the first thing that jumped out was the array of sparkling colors; they really do make drawings and writings pop with vibrancy. The fine tips allowed for precise detailing which is a must for intricate designs, and despite hours of doodling, our fingers remained cramp-free, a testament to the non-slip grip.

During use, we found the ink to be incredibly smooth, the GOTIDEAL pens didn’t skip a beat, and the glitter was consistently distributed throughout our strokes. While the ink did dry quickly, it’s worth monitoring your work for the first few seconds to avoid smudges.

However, not all that glitters is gold; we noticed that the added shimmer from these pens isn’t ideal for every project. If you’re looking for understated elegance or professional finish, these might not be your go-to. A couple of pens were also a bit temperamental at first, which is something to consider, ensure you check all pens upon receipt.

4. Arteza Glitter Pens

We believe these Arteza Glitter Gel Pens are a worthy investment for adding a sparkling touch to any creative project.


  • Vivid assortment of colors that stand out on various backgrounds
  • Comfortable grip for long periods of writing or drawing
  • Smooth ink flow with minimal pressure needed


  • Some pens may run out of ink faster than expected
  • Occasional blotching can interrupt consistent line quality
  • Certain colors may not appear as vibrant as anticipated

These glitter pens from Arteza have been a delightful addition to our scrapbooking and journaling sessions. The triangular grip is notably comfortable, which helps in maintaining control and precision during intricate work. Whether we are layering colors or highlighting key sections, the smooth ink delivery ensures an easy, effortless application.

During our use, the vibrancy of the 14 unique colors truly brought our doodles and designs to life. They seem to dance on the page, infusing a radiant sparkle into every stroke. It’s particularly enjoyable to watch as minimal pressure is needed to create shimmering lines, a testament to the pen’s efficiency.

On the downside, some inconsistencies came to light. We experienced occasional blotching, where the ink distribution wasn’t uniform. It was also disappointing to find that the longevity of the ink varied across the pens; a few ran out quicker than anticipated. Furthermore, a particular shade did not seem as glittery or saturated as the others.

Overall, we found the Arteza Glitter Gel Pens with their bright and vivid ink and ergonomic design to be quite reliable for most decorative tasks. Despite a few hiccups with consistency, they’ve proven to be a vibrant tool in our art supplies arsenal.

5. Scentco Glitter Gel Smens

We think these pens are a fantastic choice for anyone who loves to add a bit of sparkle and fragrance to their writing tasks.


  • The scents are delightful and add an unexpected pleasure to writing.
  • The variety of vibrant colors enhances notes and craft projects.
  • Ink flows smoothly, creating a pleasant writing experience.


  • Scents may not last as long as some users would prefer.
  • On rare occasions, the ink may dry out prematurely.
  • The glitter effect might not be as pronounced for all users.

Having just scribbled a quick note with the Mango-scented pen, the enjoyment of the fruity aroma was an instant mood booster. The gel ink glided across the paper like skating on ice, smoothly and without effort. It’s evident that these pens are designed for comfort and fun, with their unique scents and shiny trails left behind.

Staring at the colorful results, the added sparkle certainly stood out. Whether you’re jotting down a grocery list or doodling in a journal, it’s easy to appreciate the pop of personality. The Black Cherry, in particular, left a deep, glittering mark that caught the light, adding an element of joy to the mundane task of note-taking.

During a longer writing session, our hands were cradled by the ergonomic design of the pens. By the end, we could still detect the soft scent of Cotton Candy hovering around the page. Reflecting on the experience, it’s clear these pens are more than just writing instruments; they’re a sensory delight that can make everyday writing tasks a little more enjoyable.

6. SMOOTHERPRO Glitter Pens

If you’re seeking pens that add a sparkle to your writing and crafts, these are worth considering.


  • Vibrant metallic colors that stand out on both dark and light paper
  • High-quality, fade-resistant ink that dries permanently
  • Safe, ROHS-compliant materials that are suitable for a variety of artistic uses


  • A few pens in the pack may not work properly from the start
  • The bold tip may not be ideal for those who prefer finer lines
  • Not suitable for surfaces that will be washed or on skin

Crafting with these glitter gel pens brings a touch of shimmer to your projects. Whether adding eye-catching details to a card or accentuating notes in a journal, the metallic ink flows seamlessly from the pen. We find the variety of colors bright and engaging, which sparks creativity in our everyday tasks.

As we use them, it’s evident the pens are made from quality materials. The comfort rubber grip enables us to work through extended crafting sessions without discomfort. Plus, the ink dries to a permanent, fade-resistant finish that maintains the brilliance of our work.

However, it’s not always a smooth ride. We’ve encountered pens that unfortunately don’t work right out of the package, which can be frustrating. Additionally, while the bold lines are great for impactful visuals, they may not suit more intricate or precise work. Lastly, these pens are fantastic for paper, but we’ve confirmed they’re not for fabric or skin, limiting their versatility in certain craft realms.

7. Xtra Sparkle Glitter Gel Pens

We think these pens are a brilliant pick for anyone in need of a little shimmer in their writing tasks, thanks to their vibrant sparkle and smooth application.


  • Vibrant colors that truly pop
  • Ink flows evenly, ensuring a smooth writing experience
  • Generous amount of glitter, adding a dazzling touch


  • Ink can deplete faster than non-glitter pens
  • Potential for leaking if not sealed tightly
  • Glitter intensity may vary between colors

We’ve been using the Xtra Sparkle Glitter Gel Pens extensively, and the colors are just as vivid as promised. Each stroke leaves behind a trail of bright color with a flawless sparkle that catches the eye, perfect for those creative projects or adding pizzazz to your notes.

The even flow of the gel ink makes writing a breeze. There’s no annoying skipping or clumping, and the pens glide across the paper with ease. This consistency really elevates the overall experience, making these pens a pleasure to use.

One minor hiccup we noticed is the quicker depletion of ink, which is not entirely unexpected for glitter pens. While they do run out faster than your average gel pen, the trade-off for such spectacular results seems fair.

Keep a tight seal on each pen; we learned the hard way that any looseness can lead to leaks, which can create a bit of a mess. Just a quick check before use can save you from this trouble.

When using the pens, you might notice some color shades have more glitter than others, which could be a drawback or a point of interest, depending on your personal preference for sparkle density.

All in all, the Xtra Sparkle Glitter Gel Pens stand out for their capability to bring a dazzling edge to any written work. Despite a few drawbacks, such as faster consumption of ink and potential leakage, their performance and shimmering output make them well worth considering for your glitter pen needs.

8. DasKid Glitter Pen Set

We think this set is perfect for those who love to add a sparkle to their projects, offering a generous selection of colors and refills.


  • Generous variety of vibrant colors with matching refills
  • Comfortable grip for extended doodling and coloring sessions
  • Organized, portable travel case included


  • Refilling pens can be fiddly and time-consuming
  • May not suit those who prefer larger line widths
  • Some colors may appear less vivid on certain paper types

Having spent some time with the DasKid Glitter Pen Set, we’re impressed by the sheer variety of vibrant hues and the sparkle that these pens bring to the table. The smooth flow of the gel ink ensures that coloring and doodling are not only effortless but also quite enjoyable. The comfort grip is a nice touch that has helped us keep going for hours without any discomfort.

Transporting this set is a breeze, thanks to the thoughtfully designed case. It’s especially useful when we want to be creative on the go or keep our workspace tidy. With the case, we can easily pick the color we need without rummaging through a cluttered drawer.

The process of switching out refills, while eco-friendly, can be a bit of a hassle. It interrupts the creative flow, although it’s a small price to pay for having a pen that can be used over and over again.

Meanwhile, although the line width is perfect for intricate work, it might not satisfy all artistic styles, especially if you prefer broader strokes. And while most colors pop on the page, some of the pastels don’t stand out as much on certain papers, but this is a minor issue in the grand scheme.

Overall, the DasKid Glitter Pen Set has become a staple in our crafting toolkit. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, making these pens a solid choice for both beginners and seasoned crafters looking to add some shimmer to their creations.

9. EooUooIP Glitter Gel Pens

We find these pens to be a stellar choice for anyone in love with glitter and fine lines, offering a dazzling array of colors and seamless usage.


  • The 16 vibrant colors offer a wide variety for creative projects.
  • The retractable design is convenient and cap-loss is never a worry.
  • Smooth ink flow with excellent glittery finish on the page.


  • Some colors may not represent accurately on the pen cap.
  • A couple of shades might need a bit of coaxing to get flowing initially.
  • The quirky printed patterns on each pen might not appeal to everyone’s taste.

In our hands, the EooUooIP Glitter Gel Pens add a sparkle to doodling and drawing that is hard to match. Each stroke leaves a satisfyingly smooth line embellished with just the right amount of shimmer. We’ve found that the fine tips are especially good for detailed work, be it in coloring books or for adding pizazz to handwritten notes.

Carryability is a breeze with these pens. We’ve clipped them onto notebooks and pockets with ease, always ready for that spur-of-the-moment burst of creativity. The lightweight design ensures our hands don’t fatigue, even after lengthy writing sessions.

Their durability impresses us too. We’ve used them extensively and they show no signs of giving out. They lay down color right to the last drop without smudging, making them reliable companions for both casual and diligent artists. The fact that they’re quick to dry means our work remains smudge-free, a true blessing for any prolific writer or artist.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best glitter pens for your project, we consider a few essential features to ensure that we get the most value and performance from our purchase.

Ink Quality

It’s crucial that we look at the ink properties. High-quality glitter pens should have:

  • Smooth Flow: Ink should glide effortlessly on the paper without clumping.
  • Vibrant Colors: The ink must be vivid to make our artwork pop.
  • Longevity: The ink should resist fading over time.

Tip Type

The tip of the pen determines the precision of our work. We assess:

  • Tip Size: Fine tips are excellent for detailed work, while broader tips fill larger areas.
  • Tip Material: Tips can be felt, nylon, or metal, each giving a different writing experience.

Comfort and Design

We shouldn’t overlook the pen’s ergonomics. Comfortable pens reduce hand fatigue during long crafting sessions. We opt for pens with:

  • Ergonomic Grip: A comfortable grip enhances control.
  • Weight Balance: A well-balanced pen feels better in hand.

Safety and Non-toxicity

Since we value our health and environment, we must ensure the pens are:

  • Non-toxic: Safe for children and adults alike.
  • Acid-Free: Ensures that the pens will not damage photos or paper over time.

Set Size and Variety

We should consider the quantity and variety of pens in a set. We need to decide how many colors and pen types we require:

  • Range of Colors: A diverse set can offer more creative possibilities.
  • Quantity: For extensive use, buying in bulk can be more economical.

By considering these aspects carefully, we can select glitter pens that are reliable, enjoyable to use, and produce stunning results in our projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through selecting the perfect glitter pens for various uses, from precise writing to adult coloring books and beyond.

For adult coloring books, our top pick are the Fiskars Gel Pen Set. They include a variety of shimmering hues with a smooth flow that’s ideal for coloring intricate patterns without clumping or skipping.

When it comes to card making, the Stickles Glitter Gel Pens are a favorite. Their bold and brilliant color palette and ease of use make them a standout choice for adding sparkle to any handmade card.

How do Soucolor Glitter Gel Pens compare to other brands for quality?

Soucolor Glitter Gel Pens are known for their vibrant colors and high pigment concentration, which rivals many other top brands. They’re durable, offer a comfortable grip, and maintain consistent glitter distribution.

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