15 Gorgeous Shiplap Bathroom Styles to Impress Your Guests

Revamping your bathroom with shiplap walls can transform it from simple to stunning. This style adds texture and a fresh, clean look. But how do you integrate it without overwhelming the space? Let’s explore some clever strategies to incorporate shiplap effectively.

Whether you’re partial to a rustic vibe or looking for something more modern, shiplap suits a variety of tastes. Pairing it with the right colors and accessories is key.

15 Gorgeous Shiplap Bathroom Styles To Impress Your Guests

Think soft neutrals for a serene retreat, or bold hues for a statement piece. Ready to get creative? Here are some gorgeous shiplap bathroom styles that will impress your guests!

1. Seaside Sanctuary: Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration

1. Seaside Sanctuary: Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-0

Transform your bathroom into a serene coastal retreat with whitewashed shiplap walls that evoke the charm of a seaside cottage.

The subtle, washed-out tones of the wood bring a light, airy feel, setting a perfect stage for accents like sea glass and driftwood art.

1. Seaside Sanctuary: Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-1

These elements not only add a touch of nature but create a soothing ambiance that makes every bath feel like a dip in the ocean.

However, it’s worth noting that in humid environments like bathrooms, shiplap needs sealing to prevent warping and mold growth. Regular maintenance ensures the enduring beauty and function of this beach-inspired design, so you enjoy your coastal escape without worry.

2. Midnight Elegance Bathroom Revamp

2. Midnight Elegance Bathroom Revamp-0

Black shiplap walls in a bathroom create a striking, sophisticated backdrop that immediately draws the eye. Paired with silver fixtures, the contrast not only adds depth but also introduces a hint of luxury.

Smoky glass elements soften the bold black, balancing the aesthetic to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm.

2. Midnight Elegance Bathroom Revamp-1

This setup might challenge smaller spaces, where dark tones can visually constrict, but in a well-lit or larger bathroom, it enhances the space with a dramatic, modern vibe.

Experimenting with black shiplap can transform a plain bathroom into an elegant enclave, perfect for those who adore a bit of drama. The key is balance, ensure reflective surfaces and adequate lighting to keep the ambiance from feeling too dark.

While this style statement is bold, its potential downside is the maintenance, as black surfaces can show water spots and dust more readily.

3. Earthy Bathroom Retreat

3. Earthy Bathroom Retreat-0

Transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary with beige or light brown shiplap walls. The soothing hues of nature-inspired tones set a tranquil backdrop. Enhance this aesthetic by incorporating lush plant hangings and bamboo accessories.

This not only elevates the room’s ambience but also infuses a touch of fresh air and Earth’s simplicity into your daily routine. However, consider maintaining adequate ventilation to keep the wood and plants in prime condition.

3. Earthy Bathroom Retreat-1

Surround yourself with tranquility. Opting for soft, earthy shiplap tones and pairing them with greenery and bamboo accents naturally calibrates the energy of the space.

Visualize your bathroom as a peaceful retreat where the stresses of daily life dissolve amidst nature-inspired elements. While this design promotes relaxation, periodic upkeep of the wood and botanical elements will be essential to preserve their beauty and function.

4. Vivid Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration

4. Vivid Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-0

Consider shaking things up with fluorescent-colored shiplap in your bathroom. Fiery orange or electric blue panels can transform a mundane bathroom into a vibrant sanctuary.

It’s not just about style, these bold tones can actually enhance your mood, making morning routines less dreary and more dynamic. However, it’s vital to balance this vividness with neutral colors in fixtures or accessories to avoid overwhelming the senses.

4. Vivid Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-1

Bright colors often scare people off, think they’re too much, too risky, maybe? But picture this: a feature wall in brilliant orange against a white porcelain sink and tub, adding just the right amount of zest without tipping over into visual chaos.

A bold blue might inspire thoughts of the ocean, turning a simple shower into a rejuvenating escape. The initial shock to the eyes settles into something genuinely uplifting, though careful consideration is needed to maintain harmony in your design.

5. Scandi-Inspired Bathroom Oasis

5. Scandi-Inspired Bathroom Oasis-0

Imagine transforming your bathroom into a serene Scandinavian retreat. Light grey shiplap walls set a calm, neutral backdrop, while minimalist furniture ensures slick functionality without clutter.

Add a few lush houseplants for a splash of vibrant green; they’re not just pretty, they purify the air too! This style offers a soothing, airy ambiance, ideal for relaxation after a long day.

5. Scandi-Inspired Bathroom Oasis-1

However, keep in mind, using light grey can require more maintenance to keep looking pristine, especially in a moisture-rich bathroom environment. Regular upkeep is necessary to ensure that your chic, minimalist sanctuary remains both tranquil and functional.

Opting for quality paint and finishes will help mitigate this issue, bringing lasting serenity to your space.

6. Industrial Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration

6. Industrial Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-0

Bring a raw, industrial vibe to your bathroom by marrying dark brown or black shiplap with exposed metal pipes. This blend not only intensifies the room’s character but also offers a striking contrast.

Add wire baskets for a practical yet stylish touch, enhancing the utilitarian feel. However, balance is key to avoid an overly austere look.

6. Industrial Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-1

Why go for the usual when you can elevate your bathroom with an industrial twist? Incorporating dark shiplap and metal details isn’t just about style; it’s a statement of strength and simplicity.

This approach demands minimal upkeep and is remarkably durable. Just remember, the dark tones might make smaller spaces feel more confined.

7. Elegant Vintage Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration

7. Elegant Vintage Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-0

Imagine stepping into a bathroom where cream-colored shiplap lines the walls, creating a soothing, timeless backdrop.

Pair this with antique mirrors and classic porcelain fixtures to infuse your space with a nostalgic charm that transports you to a bygone era.

7. Elegant Vintage Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-1

This aesthetic not only elevates the room’s ambience but also brings a warm, inviting vintage flair that’s hard to overlook.

Why settle for modern when you can celebrate history in your own bathroom? Accessorizing with vintage mirrors and traditional porcelain can transform a simple bathroom into a splendid sanctuary.

7. Elegant Vintage Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-2

However, while this style exudes elegance, it requires careful selection of accessories to maintain balance without cluttering the space. Opt for simplicity to let each vintage piece truly shine.

8. Boho Chic Shiplap Bathroom Inspo

8. Boho Chic Shiplap Bathroom Inspo-0

Ever thought about turning your bathroom into a boho paradise? Start with multicolored shiplap panels; the more colors, the merrier! Add some ornate patterns and eclectic decor pieces like vintage mirrors or funky light fixtures.

It’s a simple, yet effective way to inject personality and warmth into a typically sterile space.

8. Boho Chic Shiplap Bathroom Inspo-1

However, remember: balance is key. Too many colors or overly busy patterns might overwhelm the space, making it feel cluttered rather than chic.

Opt for a cohesive color palette and choose patterns that complement rather than compete with each other, to maintain that serene, boho vibe.

9. Contrast in Shiplap Bathrooms

9. Contrast in Shiplap Bathrooms-0

Imagine flipping the color script in your bathroom, white shiplap walls meet a bold, black ceiling. This high-contrast look not only amplifies the elegance but also frames the room dramatically.

Add dark-toned accessories like matte black fixtures or a deep charcoal rug to complement the striking theme, making every inch of space pop.

9. Contrast in Shiplap Bathrooms-1

But, here’s a thought: while this design exudes sophistication and visual interest, could it feel a tad overwhelming in smaller bathrooms? To balance it out, consider using large mirrors to reflect light and expand the space visually, ensuring the boldness enhances rather than dominates your serene retreat.

10. Serene Shiplap Bathroom Retreat

10. Serene Shiplap Bathroom Retreat-0

Imagine transforming your bathroom into a serene spa escape with pale blue shiplap walls complemented by crisp white accents.

This soothing color combination, along with fluffy white towels and a luxurious freestanding tub, offers a tranquil retreat right in your home.

This aesthetic not only soothes the soul but also visually expands the space, making even small bathrooms feel more open and airy.

However, be mindful of maintenance; the pale blue could require frequent touch-ups to keep it looking fresh, especially in a high-moisture environment like a bathroom.

Also, lighter colors might highlight any wear or dirt more quickly than darker hues, necessitating more regular cleaning to maintain that pristine spa atmosphere.

11. Golden Luxe Bathroom Makeover

11. Golden Luxe Bathroom Makeover-0

Inject a touch of opulence into your bathroom with cream shiplap walls. Elevate this serene backdrop with shimmering gold fixtures, golden-framed mirrors, and soft, warm lighting for an irresistibly luxurious feel.

The contrast not only enriches the aesthetic but also creates a space that feels both warm and grand.

11. Golden Luxe Bathroom Makeover-1

Imagine soaking in a bath illuminated by the gentle glow of golden light, reflecting off polished fixtures. This setup isn’t just visually appealing; it’s practical too. Gold accents are surprisingly versatile, complementing a wide range of color palettes.

However, remember that too much gold might overwhelm, so balance is key.

12. Art Deco Shiplap Bathroom Designs

12. Art Deco Shiplap Bathroom Designs-0

Imagine stepping into a bathroom that transports you to the glitzy era of the 1920s.

Dress your walls in deep green shiplap to set a lush, mysterious backdrop, expertly contrasted with gold and black geometric patterns that shimmer under soft lighting, an opulent nod to the art deco glamour.

12. Art Deco Shiplap Bathroom Designs-1

This bold choice not only elevates the room’s aesthetic but also hides water spots and smudges better than lighter shades, making it as practical as it is stylish.

Why settle for ordinary when you can evoke elegance? Incorporating shiplap in rich green shades combined with metallic touches and dramatic patterns instantly adds a layer of sophistication. However, this design choice requires balance.

12. Art Deco Shiplap Bathroom Designs-2

Overdoing the dark tones might make the space feel smaller, so be sure to integrate adequate lighting and reflective surfaces to maintain a luxurious, airy feel.

13. Rustic Cabin Bathroom Inspiration

13. Rustic Cabin Bathroom Inspiration-0

Incorporating natural wood shiplap into your bathroom instantly warms up the space, creating a rustic, cabin-like atmosphere that’s both inviting and stylish. Combine this with bronze fixtures for a touch of elegance.

13. Rustic Cabin Bathroom Inspiration-1

From towel racks to faucets, these elements fuse old-world charm with modern sophistication. However, this style might require more maintenance to keep the wood in top shape due to bathroom humidity.

13. Rustic Cabin Bathroom Inspiration-2

Adding a natural wood feature wall can transform your bathroom into a cozy retreat. Consider the grain and finish of the wood for a perfectly unrefined look that still feels polished.

While this approach can elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom, ensuring sufficient ventilation is crucial. Proper maintenance stops the wood from warping and preserves its beauty over time.

14. Colorful Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration

14. Colorful Shiplap Bathroom Inspiration-0

Imagine transforming your bathroom into a vibrant canvas of pop art with red, yellow, and blue shiplap squares. This bold choice not only infuses life into a typically mundane space but also reflects a daring personality.

However, keep in mind that while these vivid hues energize, they might overwhelm smaller spaces.

Now, why stick to safe when you can be sensational? Installing a pop art-inspired shiplap wall acts as more than just decor; it’s a statement. It propels a conventional bathroom to the forefront of design innovation.

But, tread lightly, as the balance between playful and chaotic is delicate in confined areas.

15. Sage Green Zen Bathroom

15. Sage Green Zen Bathroom-0

Create a serene retreat with sage green shiplap walls, this color isn’t just eye-catching, it soothes the soul the moment you step in. Complement this with smooth stone accents and minimalist decor to amplify tranquility.

Less is more here; too much clutter can disrupt the peaceful vibe you’re aiming for.

15. Sage Green Zen Bathroom-1

Ever thought of a bathroom that helps you unwind? By integrating sage green shiplap with elements like a stone basin or a simple, free-standing tub, you design an oasis of calm.

Remember, the right lighting is crucial, opt for soft, natural light to maintain that Zen feeling.


As you consider revamping your bathroom, think of shiplap not just as cladding but as a canvas for your creativity.

Why settle for ordinary when a few planks can transform your space into a cozy, stylish retreat? Imagine the possibilities, spa-like tranquility or a vibrant coastal charm.

Ready to take the plunge? Start with a sample board to choose the right shade and texture. Remember, each plank adds character and a sense of warmth, turning your everyday bathroom into a personalized haven. So, why not make a splash with shiplap today?

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