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11 Best Masticating Juicers 2024: Top Models Reviewed

Unleash the power of fresh, nutrient-packed juices with the latest masticating juicer technology. These cold press wizards are your ticket to maximizing health benefits, and preserving vital enzymes, and vitamins by operating at low speeds to prevent heat and oxidation.

Perfect for the health-conscious and flavor enthusiasts alike, these juicers promise superior juice quality, squeezing every bit of goodness from your favorite fruits and veggies.

Embark on your juicing adventure with the best masticating juicer, tailored to your lifestyle and wellness goals. Whether it’s motor strength, ease of cleaning, noise level, or versatility with various produce, we’ve scrutinized the top contenders to guide you to your ideal match.

Dive into our comprehensive reviews, where durability meets design, ensuring your juicing experience is not just fruitful but also enjoyable and sustainable, making every sip an investment in your health.

11 Best Masticating Juicers 2024: Top Models Reviewed

Top Masticating Juicers

We’ve meticulously evaluated a variety of masticating juicers to help you find the best one for your kitchen needs. Our picks prioritize efficiency, durability, and ease of use to ensure you get the most flavorful and nutrient-rich juices. Whether you’re an avid juice enthusiast or simply looking to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, our roundup has something for everyone.

1. Canoly’s Power Juicer

We found that the Canoly Power Juicer offers a harmonious blend of efficiency and convenience, making juicing a delight for daily health aficionados.


  • Generous feed chute minimizes prep work
  • Quiet, powerful performance for smooth operation
  • Simple to dismantle and clean


  • Juice and pulp containers could be larger
  • Challenging to clean with very fibrous greens
  • May not suit those seeking a very compact appliance

Recently, we took the Canoly Power Juicer for a spin and were pleasantly surprised by the user-centric design. The expansive feed chute is a game-changer; it swallowed whole apples and significantly slashed our prep time. It’s a stark contrast to our past experiences with other juicers that required finicky, time-consuming chopping.

The low humming of the powerful motor was a welcome relief to the ears. Unlike some other models that sound like a freight train, this juicer maintains a low decibel level, allowing us to juice without dominating the soundscape of our home. Juicing became less of a chore and more of a quiet morning ritual.

Cleanup was quick thanks to the easy assembly of parts that are safe to pop in the dishwasher. This juicer’s disassembly and cleaning do not require an engineering degree, and the provided brush reaches all the nooks, ensuring that we can maintain pristine juicing conditions with minimal fuss.

We did notice that the containers for juice and pulp could use a size upgrade. Larger batches meant stopping to empty them, breaking the rhythm. And while it handled most of what we threw at it, leafy greens did put up a fight, asking for an elbow grease investment during cleaning.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Canoly Power Juicer stood out as a robust and thoughtful kitchen partner. Its ability to handle a variety of produce without a long prep or an extensive cleanup process is something we value highly in our busy lifestyles.

2. Amumu Masticating Juicer

We believe this Amumu Juicer will transform your juicing routine with its user-friendly and efficient design.


  • Fits whole fruits, cutting prep time significantly
  • Cleans swiftly with parts easily coming together
  • Preserves nutrients and taste through slow squeezing


  • The large hopper can be tricky to secure
  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning
  • Could be heavy for some users at over 10 pounds

We’ve just taken the Amumu Juicer for a spin, and the experience has been quite satisfying. Its wide chute gobbles up whole apples effortlessly, which is a real time-saver. There’s no pre-cutting hassle; just pop in the fruits or vegetables, and it’s ready to go.

Juicing is typically a messy affair, but this machine eases the pain. Assembly and disassembly are straightforward, which encourages regular use. The specialized brush included helps us navigate the bits that do need a hand-cleaning, ensuring we’re not deterred by the aftermath of a juicing session.

The slow squeezing technology is impressive. It extracts juice at a leisurely 43 RPM, ensuring that the warmth doesn’t interfere with the nutritive content. It feels like the machine cradles each fruit with care, delivering juice that’s lush and brimming with nutrients.

However, we did take note of a few snags. The feed chute lid must align perfectly; otherwise, it refuses to start, necessitating a fiddle or two. Though the components are manageable, they must be hand washed, which might be a downside for some. Lastly, the juicer’s weight makes it sturdy, yet might be cumbersome if you’re planning to stow it away after each use.

In short, the Amumu Juicer has cemented its place in our kitchen for its performance and user-friendliness. Despite a few minor setbacks, the quality of juice and the ease of operation make it a worthy contender for those looking to dip their toes into juicing or searching for an efficient upgrade.

3. WISKEMA Cold Press Juicer

We believe this WISKEMA model is a prime choice for those who appreciate an efficient, easy-to-use juicer that maximizes nutrient retention.


  • Preserves more nutrients with slow cold pressing
  • Large feed chute simplifies juicing, reducing prep work
  • Straightforward to assemble and clean


  • May be pricier than some basic juicers
  • Larger footprint takes up more counter space
  • Not suitable for producing large quantities quickly

After having a hands-on experience with the WISKEMA Cold Press Juicer, we’re impressed by its performance. The first thing you notice when juicing is how the technology preserves the vivid colors and flavors of the produce. It’s a delight seeing the bright hues of carrots and greens translate into nutrient-rich drinks with minimal froth.

We appreciate how the large feed chute accommodates bigger pieces of fruits and veggies. It’s a real timesaver not having to chop everything into tiny bits. Feeding produce into the machine is a breeze, and it’s quite satisfying to watch the machine work so efficiently.

Cleanup is often a deal-breaker with juicers, but that’s not the case here. Disassembly is easy, and we had no trouble reaching all the nooks and crannies during cleaning. It’s refreshing to have a juicer that doesn’t turn kitchen cleanup into a chore, allowing more time to enjoy the fresh juice you’ve just made.

4. Aeitto Slow Juicer

If you’re seeking a quiet and efficient way to make fresh juices at home, the Aeitto Slow Juicer might just be the right pick for you.


  • Triple-mode settings for different produce
  • Quiet operation ideal for morning use
  • Simple disassembly for quick cleaning


  • May struggle with very hard produce
  • Pulp may need re-straining for absolute smoothness
  • Limited to 300 ml of juice per cycle

Ever since we started using the Aeitto Slow Juicer, our mornings have transformed. The triple-mode functionality is a game-changer, offering customization based on the softness of your fruits and veggies. Berries which are often tricky with other juicers, come out smoothly, while the harder mode chews through carrots and beets with ease.

The motor is as quiet as a whisper, which is a major plus. We’ve juiced early in the morning without worry of waking anyone up. Plus, there’s a sense of satisfaction when the machine works its magic without a ruckus.

Cleanup used to be a deal-breaker with different juicers, but not with Aeitto. One-button disassembly lets us swiftly take it apart. A quick scrub with the included brush, and it’s all set for the next use. The idea of a dishwasher-safe juicer used to be a dream, but with this machine, it’s our new reality.

In the world of juicing, the Aeitto Slow Juicer stands out as an ally for your health journey. It’s efficient, quiet, and effortlessly integrates into the kitchen routine. Our experience suggests it’s a solid option, notwithstanding the few snags that come with any kitchen appliance.

5. AMZCHEF Masticating Juicer

We think this AMZCHEF juicer is a solid pick for its versatility and efficient juicing capabilities.


  • Versatile with multiple speed settings and an LED display
  • Capable of more than just juicing, enhancing kitchen efficiency
  • Operates quietly, minimizing disruption


  • Small feeding chute requires extra prep time
  • May struggle with tougher vegetables like carrots
  • Lacks the power of some larger models

Experience has thankfully taught us that a good juicer can elevate our daily routines, and this AMZCHEF gem fits the bill. With its two speed controls and intuitive LED display, our morning juicing became a breeze. Soft fruits turned to nectar effortlessly, while tougher veggies were met with a bit more resistance, yet nothing that its “HARD” setting couldn’t push through.

The quiet hum of its motor was a relief compared to the cacophony usually experienced with other appliances. It’s clear the manufacturers kept household harmony in mind. Sipping on the freshly extracted juice, I couldn’t help but appreciate how much of an upgrade this was over my previous, noisier machine.

In spite of its strength, however, we did have to cut carrots into smaller pieces to prevent jamming – a minor inconvenience that’s common among compact juicers. Still, the parts were a snap to disassemble and clean, which is always a plus. The added portability with the travel bottle allowed us to bring a piece of our morning ritual wherever we went, which was unexpectedly delightful.

To be frank, this small but mighty machine is bound to become the workhorse of your kitchen with its additional functionalities beyond juicing. It doesn’t quite match the power of larger, professional juicers, but for everyday home use, our experience leads us to believe that it holds its own admirably.

6. Sana Supreme Juicer

We believe the Sana 727 Supreme is an excellent choice for those who value a high yield, versatility, and noiseless operation in their juicing experience.


  • High juice yield with minimal foam and oxidation
  • Quiet, efficient motor, perfect for early morning juicing routines
  • Multi-functional, suitable for a variety of foods beyond just juicing


  • Higher price point may not fit all budgets
  • The machine’s weight may make it less convenient for frequent movement
  • Learning curve for optimizing the use of all features and settings

After feeding a mix of carrots, apples, and ginger into the Sana Supreme Juicer, the freshness and purity of the flavors in the juice were immediately noticeable. Its slow, masticating action takes its time, but the patience pays off with every nutrient-packed sip. The gentle whirring sound was a relief, as it didn’t overwhelm the peaceful morning atmosphere in the kitchen.

Operating the machine was fairly intuitive. The four different speeds were particularly useful as I adjusted them depending on whether I was juicing leafy greens or denser, fibrous roots. The machine’s sleek build looked great on the counter but its sturdiness also meant it stayed put during the juicing process.

Cleaning up was not as daunting as expected. The components disassembled smoothly and were easy to rinse off. Since it’s dishwasher safe, I had it cleaned and ready for the next batch in no time. The versatility of the juicer, being able to handle anything from soft fruits to making nut butter, made it an indispensable tool in our kitchen.

7. SiFENE Juicer Experience

We think you’ll love the SiFENE Masticating Juicer for its efficient juicing and compact design, which makes it a practical addition to any kitchen.


  • Remarkably effective at continuous juicing without clogging
  • Features a dual feed chute, enhancing juicing efficiency
  • Compact and tidy, it’s an easy fit for most kitchen spaces


  • Struggles a bit with softer fruits like pineapples and cucumbers
  • Some pulp may escape into the juice
  • Pulp occasionally needs to be cleared to avoid jamming

As juicing enthusiasts, we recently had the pleasure of trying out the SiFENE Masticating Juicer. The first thing we appreciated was the total absence of clogs during the juicing process. It was a delight not to have to pause frequently to clear out the machine, which can be a real buzzkill when you’re in the groove.

We noticed the dual feed chute comes in handy, saving time by allowing us to juice large chunks of fruits and vegetables. What’s more, the resultant juice was rich and full-flavored, living up to its promise of minimal oxidation and maximum nutrient retention.

Another massive plus for us was its compact design. It was incredibly convenient to slide it under the cabinet after use, not to mention the ease of cleaning. Its parts, thankfully dishwasher-safe, disassembled in a snap, making cleanup almost as satisfying as the juicing itself.

However, it didn’t perform as impressively with softer fruits, which is a common challenge with many masticating juicers. We did notice that a bit of stray pulp made its way into our juice glass, which might be a slight letdown if you’re expecting a purely smooth juice. Also, when juicing in larger batches, we had to clear the pulp to prevent the occasional back-up.

All in all, the SiFENE Masticating Juicer left us pleased with its performance. It’s a reliable, user-friendly juicer that promises to make your daily juice routine a seamless experience.

8. Sana Supreme Juicer

If you’re seeking a top-tier, durable juicer for high-yield and nutrient-rich juice, the Sana 727 Supreme is a superb choice.


  • Exceptionally quiet operation with a patented brushless motor
  • Four-speed settings enhance juice yield and quality
  • Includes versatile attachments for various recipes


  • Premium pricing reflects its quality and features
  • Requires some preparation due to the size of the chute
  • Is not dishwasher safe, so manual cleaning is necessary

Upon unboxing the Sana 727 Supreme, we recognized its sturdy construction and the premium feel it exudes. We promptly assembled it, finding the process intuitive. Our first impression was reinforced when we powered it up and were greeted with what can only be described as a gentle hum – a pleasant surprise compared to the roar of centrifugal juicers we’ve dealt with in the past.

In our trials, we observed the 727’s impressive capability with fibrous greens and tougher produce, which it handled with grace, producing a high yield of vibrant, froth-free juice. The variety of speed settings was particularly useful – with softer fruits, we applied slower speeds to preserve flavor and nutrients, and conversely, we switched to higher speeds for harder produce. The flexibility in speeds ensures that we can extract the maximum amount of juice from various types of produce.

What became evident is the Sana 727 isn’t just for juicing; its multipurpose screens unlock a world of possibilities. We enjoyed the hands-on experience of making fresh almond butter, proving that this machine is a versatile companion in our kitchen, not just a one-trick pony.

While our experience with the Sana 727 Supreme has been largely positive, we do have a couple of caveats. First, its premium stature comes with a price tag to match. This is an investment in kitchen appliances, but given its performance and the 15-year warranty, we believe it’s a justifiable one.

Second, although the large feeding chute is convenient, some fruits and vegetables need to be chopped to fit, adding a bit of prep time to the juicing process. Lastly, while cleaning isn’t too daunting, we missed the convenience of being able to throw parts into the dishwasher, a small price to pay for the quality of juice it produces.

Overall, our experience with the Sana 727 Supreme Cold Press Masticating Juicer has been stellar, and it’s clear that it would be a valuable addition to any juice enthusiast’s kitchen. It balances performance, durability, and versatility, and while these come at a higher cost and with added cleaning time, the benefits far outweigh these minor inconveniences.

9. Aeitto Easy Clean Juicer

We believe this Aeitto juicer is a decent choice for families looking for an easy-to-use and clean option for daily juicing.


  • Handles whole fruits and vegetables with ease due to its 5.3″ wide chute.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with its fewer parts and included brush.
  • Quiet operation enhances the juicing experience.


  • The 3.3-star rating suggests some users have faced issues.
  • May clog when processing tougher produce.
  • Some may find assembly and disassembly to be less than straightforward.

Juicing has become an essential part of our routine, and the Aeitto Masticating Juicer makes it effortless. The wide chute invited whole apples and oranges, eliminating the tedious prep work of chopping. A morning juice was no longer a chore but an easy start to the day.

Cleaning, a daunting task with previous juicers, was simplified. The integrated design meant fewer crevices for pulp to get stuck in. Just a quick rinse and use of the brush after juicing, and it was ready for the next use.

While enjoying the freshly squeezed juice, the quiet purr of the juicer was a relief. There were no loud motor sounds to disrupt our morning conversations or cause a headache.

However, during our test, we noticed that when we tried juicing kale and celery, it did tend to clog. We had to stop and unclog it, which was a minor inconvenience. It seems that this could be a recurring issue, especially with fibrous greens or when juicing in high quantities.

When it came to putting the juicer together and taking it apart, it wasn’t as intuitive as we hoped. It took us a couple of tries to get the hang of it, which could be a slight deterrent for those who prefer simpler mechanisms.

In conclusion, while the Aeitto Masticating Juicer has its imperfections, such as occasional clogging and assembly challenges, its advantages like the wide chute, ease of cleaning, and silent operation make it worth considering, especially for families looking for an accessible way to introduce juicing into their lifestyle.

10. Brecious Juicer

We believe this Brecious Masticating Juicer is a smart pick for those seeking a high-yield and quiet juicing experience.


  • Preserves nutrient content effectively
  • Quiet motor enhances user comfort
  • Simplifies cleaning with dishwasher-safe parts


  • May require pre-cutting of larger fruits
  • Not ideal for making large quantities quickly
  • The small chute size increases prep time

After trying out the Brecious Cold Press Juicer, we’ve been impressed by its performance. The cold press technology ensures that the vital nutrients in our fruits and vegetables are well-preserved, offering us a glass full of healthy juice. What stands out is the quiet operation. We’ve prepared fresh juice early in the mornings without worrying about waking anyone up.

The versatility of this machine is also worth noting. The various settings for different types of produce mean that whether we’re juicing fibrous greens or succulent fruits, it adapts perfectly. This personalization has helped us optimize our juice yields, no matter what produce we throw at it.

Cleanup, usually a tedious aspect of juicing, is another area where the Brecious juicer shines. Its parts are dishwasher friendly, and we’ve found the included brush particularly handy for quick washes. Although the narrow feed chute does mean we have to spend some time chopping up our produce, the juice quality we get is worth that extra bit of effort. Overall, for anyone who enjoys fresh juice and doesn’t mind a bit of prep, this juicer could be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

11. WHALL Slow Juicer

We recommend this WHALL Masticating Slow Juicer for those seeking a user-friendly, efficient juicing experience with minimal noise and easy cleanup.


  • Effortless operation with touch screen panel
  • Quiet motor that minimizes disruptions
  • Straightforward to disassemble and clean


  • You may need to pre-cut larger items before juicing
  • Some users have reported inconsistencies with the power button
  • Limited to two-speed settings

Juicing at home can be an absolute delight with the right equipment, and WHALL delivers that with their Slow Juicer. One of the aspects we appreciate most is the user-friendly touch screen panel. It simplifies the process, letting us get to the fresh juice without fuss. The quiet motor is also much appreciated, allowing for conversation or listening to music without a roaring background.

Our experience with cleanup was a breeze. The juicer disassembled quickly, and the parts were easy to clean, a refreshing change from more complicated machines. We’ve had our share of tedious post-juicing rituals, but this model made the entire process feel almost as refreshing as the juice itself.

That said, we did have to take the extra step to chop up larger fruits and vegetables, but this is a common practice for most juicers and not much of a burden. Also, few users mentioned occasional finickiness with the power button, though we didn’t experience this.

Lastly, the dual-speed setting worked well for our needs, but some might miss having more options to fine-tune their juicing. Overall, it’s clear that the positives far outweigh the negatives with the WHALL Slow Juicer, and we found ourselves reaching for it day after day.

Buying Guide

When searching for the best masticating juicer, it’s crucial to consider several key features that can affect performance, longevity, and overall value. We have compiled essential factors to guide your purchase.

Motor Power

Stronger motors tend to operate more efficiently, handling tougher produce with ease. Look for a motor with sufficient power to ensure your juicer can handle continuous use without overheating.

Speed and Noise Level

Masticating juicers are slower but preserve nutrients better due to minimal heat and oxidation. Opt for models that balance efficient juicing with quieter operation.

Ease of Cleaning

Features like removable parts and dishwasher-safe components can save time and effort. A juicer that’s easy to clean will likely be used more often.


Investing in a juicer with robust construction can enhance longevity. Look for quality materials like stainless steel or reinforced plastic.


A lengthy warranty can be a testament to a juicer’s durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

FeatureIdeal Option
Motor PowerSufficient for tough produce
SpeedSlow to retain nutrients
Noise LevelQuiet
CleaningEasy with dishwasher-safe parts
DurabilityHigh-quality materials
WarrantyLong to ensure protection

We recommend assessing your personal needs and comparing them to the features available. Achieving the balance between price and the most critical features of your routine will ensure you find the best masticating juicer for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide answers to some of the most common inquiries about masticating juicers, focusing on features, performance comparisons, popular models for home use, and the versatility of juicers in handling various produce items.

What are the top features to look for in a masticating juicer?

When selecting a masticating juicer, we recommend prioritizing a powerful motor, slow juicing speed for maximum extraction, ease of cleaning, a wide feed chute, and durable components. These features contribute to efficient juicing and longevity of the appliance.

How do masticating juicers compare to centrifugal juicers in terms of nutrient retention?

Masticating juicers operate at slower speeds, reducing heat and oxidation. This process typically results in higher nutrient retention compared to centrifugal juicers, making them a superior choice for health-conscious consumers who prioritize the quality of their juice.

Can masticating juicers also handle soft fruits without clogging?

Yes, many masticating juicers, like the Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer and the Omega VSJ843QS, are designed with fine and coarse strainers that effectively process soft fruits without clogging, ensuring smooth, pulp-free juice.

Are there any multifunctional masticating juicers that can also make nut butters and sorbets?

The Omega NC900HDC and Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5000 are versatile masticating juicers that come with attachments for making not only fresh juice but also nut butters, sorbets, and other food items. Their functionality extends beyond juicing, providing an all-in-one solution for those looking to expand their culinary capabilities.

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